About West Forever AU/NZ

Our Story

West Forever Australia / New Zealand is an organiser of tours & rentals on Harley-Davidson motorbikes. In 2014, we were accredited by Harley-Davidson Corporate after 6 years of hard work, and can now proudly display the Authorized Harley-Davidson Tours Logo.

West Forever was established in France in 1996, and our head office is situated in Strasbourg. Our Australia / New Zealand chapter has been in operation since 2005, functioning as the 'English Speaking' branch of West Forever. From the early Harley Davidson tours across the USA, West Forever today has tours in Canada, Europe, South Africa, Cuba, Thailand and Australia.

West Forever organizes premium motorbike tours with experienced guides and quality accommodation that complements the character of the tour. All West Forever itineraries are researched, tried, tested, continuously improved and delivered to our clients as complete adventures on motorbikes. We cater to the spirit of adventure with well-planned, well-supported, tours of a lifetime.

Although we are based in the tropical North of Australia, our travellers come from around the world for our unique tours, our service and our experience.

Our Philosophy - Live Free, Ride Free

Our goal is to bring you the on the most beautiful roads, along the greatest curves, through the most magnificent valleys, amongst the most spectacular landscapes. Our job is to help you feast on the sights, smells, sounds and freedom of the open road.

Each part of the journey is chosen for the spirit of the tour, the site, the topography, the season, the type of road. Each element of our technical service (hotels, bikes, etc.) is selected based on the simple principle of constantly seeking balance and excellence. Each guide is chosen for their expertise and dedication to you, the client.

We are committed to bringing you open road exhilaration, adventure and freedom.


Andy Pak-Poy: Director, Manager

Andy is passionate about traveling and believes motorcycle touring is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy our magnificent planet. He has lived and worked in the USA, South America, Asia and Europe, and visited over 85 countries.