" Authentic Thailand "   { 16 Days Fully Guided }   from.. AU$(Please Enquire)

The Spirit:

Meet the people of SIAM

Thailand, the beaming country of Southeast Asia, require that we have somewhat adapt the way we move and organize ourselves in order for this trip to remain an unexpected surprise.

Hence, for your convenience, the full board is included in this circuit and it is two guide vehicles (Point and Luggage).

We ride on the left side of the road and if the Thais are one of the nicest people in the world, that spirit remains when they are on the road.

On perfectly paved roads we will discover a land of waterfalls, lakes, forests, mountains, where the cultivation of rice, orchids, lansium and opium via dream curvy roads. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the Golden Triangle to the bridge over the River Kwai, Authentic Thailand will demonstrate that it has more to offer than white sandy beaches!

Included/Not Included:

  • 15 Nights’ Accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner*
  • 14 Days Rental of a Harley-Davidson®
  • Unlimited KM
  • Third party: ฿10,000,000 (Personal)
  • Third party: ฿1,000,000 (Equipment)
  • Bike Cover Excess: ฿60,000
  • Fuel
  • National Parks & Monuments (per Itinerary)
  • Domestic Airfare from Santiago to Havana
  • Two Guide vehicles(Point & Luggage)
  • Thai guide
  • West Forever T-Shirt
  • * except dinner on the last night

  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Beverages
  • Bike Cover Excess: ฿60,000
  • Airport Transfers

Day by Day on the Road!

Day 1: Bangkok [Arrival]

Welcome to the "Land of the Emerald Buddha ", the smiling city in the centre of another world and another culture.

Make your way through hectic Bangkok to our hotel and meeting place where we will meet ‘n’ greet the group!

Day 2: Khao Yai [190km]

After a good night's sleep and we pick up our Harley-Davidson’s and we are en route to the Khao Yai park, largest forest in monsoonal Asia, a World Heritage and UNESCO protected park.

We leave Bangkok on great riding roads, perfectly paved.

Day 3: Khao Yai [190km]

The discovery of this fabulous park, require us to devote a whole day riding among the impressive waterfalls of the park; Heo Narok is a steep cliff of about 50m high; and the presence many wild animals, including around 250 elephants, adds to the visuals of this magical place.

Day 4: Phetchabun [236km]

Our road now changes to make way for large the agricultural plains that have made Thailand the world's leading rice producer.

Here the soil is rich and farmed since ancient times by the locals, making the region prosperous and an important tourist attraction. Phetchabun means "Fertile land & Mother".

Day 5: Uttaradit [258km]

The first traces of this province date back to the thirteenth century.

Known for its plantations and its lakes Created by the Sirikit Dam, the province of Uttaradit offer our riders the variety of landscapes we love.

Day 6: Chiang Mai [240km]

Carefully nestled between the banks of the Ping and Doi Suthep mountain, Chiang Mai has hundreds of holy temples with their multistory roofs reaching to the sky and then dive back towards the ground.

You'll love this city that has nonchalantly retained its simplicity.

Its artisan traditions in silver and wood works and intricate ceramics, make Chiang Mai an instant highlight.

You may go down the canyon to obtain a closer look at the "Hoodoos", massive monoliths of yellow limestone.

Day 7 & 8: Chiang Mai [300km]

The city and the region have so much to offer us that we spend 3 nights in the same hotel. Our bikes will take us to Doi Suthep, the village of Hmong Doi Inthanon Park and to the Samoeng jaunt.

Enough to fill our days in a restful manner, enjoy great discovery walks and with time to meet the warm and friendly people of the region.

We are now in the heart of this authentic Thailand we came for.

Day 9: The Golden Triangle [255km]

We arrive in the far north of Thailand, at the confluence of Kok River and the famous Mekong River.

The ancestral place of Opium production, hence the name "The Golden Triangle" indicating the exchange of this powerful narcotic for gold.

The mountainous landscapes on offer, covered in the constant presence of mist gives the region a mysterious and peaceful atmosphere conducive to meditation.

Day 10: Nan [258km]

You thought that maybe Thailand is not a country for bikers? Today we hit Highway 1148, the famous (some say the best) biking road in the world, will test our skills on the handlebars! Turns, hairpins, steep descents, steep ascends...

With this ride, 5 star thrills are guaranteed!

Day 11: Sukhotai [287km]

We set off at "The Dawn of Happiness" (translation of Sukhothai)

We discover the first kingdom of the Thais, founded in the thirteenth century.

Now a World Heritage UNESCO site, the rich city will seduce you with its temples and monuments carefully preserved by the jungle and recently restored.

This is one of the most important historical sites in South East Asia.

Day 12: Nakhon Sawan [210km]

After a morning visiting the park of the City of Kings, we will get on road towards the Nakhon Sawan region.

It is here that the rivers Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan join to give birth to the mighty Chao Phraya River, that eventually flows through Bangkok and empties into the Gulf Siam.

Day 13: Kanchanaburi [248km]

Located just 130 km from Bangkok, it is likely that you will be unfamiliar with the name Kanchanaburi.

This little town is home to the “Bridge on the River Kwai”.

Day 14: Kanchanaburi [150km]

The River Kwai, the bucolic landscapes, tropical flora and the beautiful Erawan National Park with its 7 waterfalls (an oportunity for a swim), fully justify this double stay.

Day 15: Bangkok [180km]

Unfortunately, it is time to go and return our Harley-Davidson.

We return to Bangkok in the middle of the afternoon, a last shopping opportunity, and join the group for a farewell dinner maybe?

Day 16: Bangkok [Departure]

Departure Day, last farewells and au revoir!

Map view for Authentic Thailand

The Map is just an indication of where we are riding, the actual roads we take you on are fine-tuned to give you the best riding experience for each segment!