" Yokoso: Welcome to Japan "   { 16 Days Fully-Guided }   from.. AU$TBA

The Spirit:

Between tradition and the contemporary, new technologies rub shoulders with a way of life marked by spiritual and ancestral codes. In Japan, the rules of society and politeness are integrated into the way of life and their importance is similar to that of a religion. They are fundamentally different from those of Westerners, so we will have to adapt to them. Two vehicles and two guides will be at your side to guide you on the road and off. The number of motorcycles available offers a very limited choice, but our Harley will be new and meticulously maintained for your greatest happiness.

The Highlights:

Discover Tokyo | Ise-Jingu, shrine of Shinto shrines | Mount Koya, Buddhist high place gathering some 120 temples | Discover the historic districts of Kyoto | Magome and Tsumago, picturesque villages of the Japanese pre-Alps | The beautiful scenic and winding roads perfectly asphalted | Recent and meticulously maintained motorcycles | Discover Onsens, traditional Japanese baths | Supervision by a French-Japanese guide and an Anglo-Japanese guide | A refined culinary culture much richer than the Sushi and Yakitori we know | The people so polite and welcoming | The city of Hiroshima and its memorial of peace

Included/Not Included:

  • 15 Nights' Accommodation in (3 or 4 star)
  • 14 Days Harley-Davidson Rental
  • Unlimited km
  • LDW Road Insurance ($ 2,000 USD)
  • SLI insurance (USD$300,000)
  • Fuel
  • Entries Parks/Museums
  • Tolls/Ferries
  • Luggage transport
  • Technical assistance
  • Bilingual Tour Guide
  • West Forever T-shirt
  • Travel Info / Booklet
  • International and domestic airfares
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bike Insurance (Excess US$2,000)
  • Airport Transfers
  • Food and Beverages (per above)
  • Optional activities
  • Gratuity

Day by Day on the Road!

Day 1: Tokyo [Arrival]

Arrival in Tokyo You will probably be "lost in Translation" when you arrive in Tokyo, just like everyone else. Your likely arrival at the end of the day will leave you little time to make the change. Evening and free dinner.

Day 2: Hakone [140km]

Once you have taken control of the motorcycles, we will set out for the Rainbow Bridge, a 918m suspension bridge that crosses Tokyo Bay. Hakone, our evening destination, will surprise you with its serenity and the beauty of its views over a volcanic valley. Renowned for its hot springs, its contrast with Tokyo is striking.

Day 3: Hamamatsu [240km]

This morning will offer some of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in Japan. The winding mountain roads that lead to the heights of Lake Ashi provide us with stunning views of nature and culture at every turn out. The breathtaking and eternal view of the Fuji-San (on a clear day) will be engraved in the memory of the participants. You arrive at the heart of the 1st Tea region of Japan.

Day 4: Iga [185km]

Small country roads through small villages and vegetable crops will take us to Cape Irago at the end of the peninsula. Crossing by ferry from Ise Bay. The arrival in Toba-Ise, marks a noticeable change of architecture. Here, the houses are more opulent, neater with Zen gardens and trees. Kansai, is the first tourist lung of the country. The Ise region is mainly known in Japan for being the hotspot for Shinto culture. It houses Ise-Jingu, a Shinto shrine whose architecture is unique and inimitable. Evening and free dinner.

Day 5: Koya [130km]

We will start our day with a visit to the "Ninjas Museum", the story of Ninjutsu. Then beautiful winding roads will take us to Mount Koya. A sacred place for Buddhists, long forbidden for women, it is located at an altitude of almost 1000 meters, in the heart of a region composed of eight peaks. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Koya is a complex of some 120 temples and monasteries, forming the main center of Shingon Buddhism. Life and night at the temple.

Day 6: Takamatsu [150km]

After a free discovery of the temples in the morning, we will go by ferry to Shikoku Island. Our goal is the Ritsuren Garden, at the foot of Mount Shiun. Inaugurated in 1625 and designated in 1953 as Japanese national treasure, this "chestnut grove" is, on more than 16 ha, a true work of art in the open. No less than 6 bodies of water, 16 artificial hills, red vermilion bridges, Zen gardens, flowers, trees of all kinds and harmoniously integrated buildings offer, each season, a natural diversity without parallel. Evening and free dinner.

Day 7: Hiroshima [240km]

We leave the island of Shikoku by the Seto Ohashi bridge which stretches for 13 km. The ocean views are superb. We will take a portion of the highway before, take advantage of new small country roads and, to enter the Hiroshima City Arrival at the memorial for peace, it is the spirit of meditation that is needed. At the entrance of the park stands on its pilings the sober and imposing museum of peace which clearly traces the stages of the development of the atomic bomb until August 6, 1945 and its consequences.

Day 8: Izumo [170km]

This morning, without a motorbike, we will reach the sacred island of Miyajima. Again, many wonders are to discover. The great Torii, symbol of Japan, stands on the waves, sporting its full height, its vermilion color. A few steps away, the shrine of Itsukushima lacquered the same red seems to float on the water with its various pavilions connected by a network ambulatory. After a free lunch, we will recover our motorcycles and leave for 3 hours of beautiful roads, far from tourist turmoil, in Izumo. Evening and free dinner.

Day 9: Mimasaka [220km]

After visiting the Okuninushi-no-Mikoto temple dedicated to Shinto God, we will head for Mount Daisen and its natural park. Its gentle slopes are popular with hikers, cyclists or skiers. Beautiful roads run through vast beech forests which, when you leave them, offer magnificent panoramic landscapes or views of magnificent farms.

Day 10-11: Kyoto [300 km]

Our transhumance towards Kyoto reserves us numerous sinuous and hilly roads. After a magical stop at Kinkaku-ji, the golden pavilion, we will join Kyoto at the end of the afternoon. The rest of the day and the next day will be spent exploring the ancient capital of Japan. With no less than 1600 temples, 400 Shinto shrines and 200 sacred gardens, Kyoto is a true museum city. In addition to a motorcycle trip to visit the Byodo-in, a walking tour of the historic district of the city will be offered to volunteers.

Day 12: Seki [220km]

After a day on foot in the middle of the crowd, we will cycle on beautiful technical roads with incredible turns offering magnificent views of Lake Biwake. This morning's destination is Hikone Castle. Built between 1603 and 1622, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a strong symbol of the Japanese feudal era. Lunch, evening and free dinner.

Day 13: Suwa [230km]

This morning we dive to the Japanese Prealps and our day will be dedicated to the discovery of two picturesque villages located in the Kisco Valley. Connected to each other by a magnificent paved path these two villages were, at the time Edo, the essential step of the merchants to go from Tokyo to Kyoto. Free lunch.

Day 14: Tokyo [235]

By beautiful roads of the Prealps we will turn towards Tomioka located in the valley. His former mill of silkworms, also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will hold our attention. Midway, our return to Tokyo will win on the highway. Our last dinner together will be on a yakatabune, a privatized boat all along the bay of Tokyo.

Day 15: Tokyo [230]

A metro pass is provided for everyone to enjoy freely, according to his interests, his whole day in the heart of the megalopolis. So many wonders await you; the popular district of Asakusa north of Tokyo, Harajuku temple of culture and excesses, Shibuya and its crossroads, meeting point for young people, Shinjuku, high place of sky scrapers, Roppongi for its nightlife and many more ... Evening and free dinner.

Day 16: Tokyo [Departure]

Our adventure is over for this time, see you on the next ride!

Map view for Yosoko

The Map is just an indication of where we are riding, the actual roads we take you on are fine-tuned to give you the best riding experience for each segment!